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What is Fashion Designing ?

Fashion Designing is the art of Designing various things like advertisements, media agency and many more, etc. The demand for Fashion Designing courses is increasing day by day. Fashion Designingis a creative line that helps us to create a creative masterpiece. Fashion Designing Course In Bangalore, India is the highly demanded course.

A Fashion Design Diploma will train you to transform your ideas into practice. This course will assist you in acquiring all of the requisite design skills such as high imagination, excellent drawing abilities, and good visualization skills, which will make it easier for you to find work in the Fashion Design industry. Fashion Design is much more than clothes and trends; it incorporates shoes, handbags, footwear, and much more and this course will help students to find their own niche in this ever evolving industry. It is a specialization course that will cover a wide range of fabrics, designs, patterns, colours, and trends that together establish trends by combining all of these aspects.

Fashion designing course highlights

Fashion designing courses are most demanding & treanding courses

Fashion designing courses can be pursued by anyone who has completed their 10th.

Fashion designing cautious are practical based courses starting salary ranges between 2 lakh INR to 10 lakh INR per annum.

Experienced professional can earn upto 15+ lacs per annum.

Why Should You Learn Fashion Designing ?

  • Job opportunities are really high in demand for Fashion Designers
  • Fashion Designing Industry is a fastest growing occupation in India.
  • You can work as a independent Fashion Designer from home/ Part time also.
  • Average salary for freshers is 15K to 50k per month.
  • For experienced professionals ( more than 2 years exp) salary starts from Rs 30,000 per month.
  • Learning creative deisgning is very easy, you just need to have a passion to learn it..
Duration : 6 Months & 1 Year | Theory & Practicals
Online also available | 1hr/day Or 3day /week

Fashion Designing course Contents

Hand Embroidery in fashion designing

Hand embroidery for beginners is a comprehensive guide to learn how to embroider by hand. Discover the basics of embroidery to start your stitching journey. Hand embroidery begins by stretching the fabric on a hoop of either wood or plastic. The hoop size depends on what the sewer is comfortable with. The size of the hand embroidery needle and the thread choice are dependent on the type of Hand Embroidery chosen for the project. Along with needle and thread choice, the needle artist adds their own personal touch to their embroidery making the project “come alive”. Like anything that is a craft, it takes time and practice to perfect stitches, but if it is something one chooses to master, it brings great satisfaction to both.

Hand Embroidery Basics
Hand Embroidery Tracing
Creating types Hand Embroidery
Creating types Disigns
30 days 1 Hr Per day

Aari Work in fashion designing

Aari Work

Aari work is a type of embroidery which is done on a stretched fabric and stitching the design with a long needle which has a hook in the end. Aari work may also include decorating materials other than threads, like pearls, beads, stones and sequins. India is known for its beautiful embroidery techniques. Fundamental stitches of embroidery are running stitch, cross stitch and satin stitch. Surface embroidery technique are more economical. Aari embroidery is one of the many forms of embroidery, originated in the Mughal era. Aari work is a type of embroidery work that is done by stretching the fabric tightly over a wooden frame. A pen like needle, that resembles a crochet needle is used to do the intrinsic Aari work.

90 days 1 Hr Per day


Garment construction in fashion designing

Garment construction includes the usage of many tricks , thoughts ,practical knowledge and techniques and is an important part of a fashion design course. The Garment Construction Techniques course is a beginner’s class for new fashion students to learn basic techniques such as how to thread a sewing machine, how to sew on a curved and straight edge fabric, how to sew to fabrics together, work with measuring tools and how to sew a zipper.

Introduction to Garment construction

30 days 1 Hr Per day

Basic Design in fashion designing

The four basic ingredients or elements of design used in fashion are shape or silhouette, line, colour and texture. A silhouette can be described as the outline of the entire garment.

Basic Design

30 days 1 Hr Per day

Textile Design in fashion designing

Textile designing is a creative field that includes fashion design, carpet manufacturing and any other cloth-related field. Clothing, carpets, drapes, towels, and rugs are all functional products resulting from textile design. Within the fashion industry, textile designers have the ability to inspire collections, trends, and styles.

Textile Design

30 days 1 Hr Per day

Creative ideas in fashion designing

creativity and inspiration and deals with them in field of application in fashion design. Analyzing the topic of fashion design, gives examples and suggests techniques for successful creative thinking to produce new and tangible things. The work also indicates to the application of techniques from other fields and their modification for needs of fashion design. Application of techniques has for goal to facilitate the process of creation and designing, it also promotes a new way of thinking and a successful problem solving which fashion designers faces through the process of designing.

Creative ideas

30 days 1 Hr Per day

Fashion Illustration in fashion designing

Fashion Illustration is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing and painting and also known as Fashion sketching. ... Fashion sketching plays a major role in designing to preview and visualize designs before sewing actual clothing.

Creative ideas

60 days 1 Hr Per day

Draping in fashion designing

Fashion Draping is the process of positioning and pinning fabric on a standard size dress form to develop the structure of a garment design. ... A dress can be draped using a design sketch as a basis, or a fashion designer can play with the way fabric falls to create new designs at the start of the dress design process.

Draping Techniques
Saree Draping

60 days 1 Hr Per day


fashion designing Project

Complete Final Project

30 days 1 Hr Per day

10 important elements of Fashion Design

1. Color

2. Silhouettes

3. Fabric

4 Fabric prints and patterns

5. Body Shape

6. Balance & rhythm

7. Emphasize

8. Design lines

9. Dress details and decorative designs

10. Unity & proportion

What you be learning in the course...?

Live Project - Creating Designs

Trainers Profile

  • The top experts of PHILLOS Institute detains 5+ years of experience as a fashion designer in a wide range of industries.
  • The faculty possess specialisation in distinct areas of fashion design and aims to impart the in-depth knowledge and industry oriented skills to the trainees.
  • Trained more than 500+ students on Designing skills from Phillos Institute.
  • Execellent reviews by our students, 5 star rated instructor.
  • During this course of teaching time, He has come across and thought to various students, professionals and people who had learnt from his teaching and satisfied with his teaching skills.
  • Teaching is Passion it keeps trainer motivated & to teach the students according to industry standards..

Fashion Design

Graphic design student work

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